2014 Audi R8 vs 2012 Audi R8

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2014 Audi R8 Review: compared to the 2012 Audi R8

Race-Bred Performance Engineering. Three words that encompass Audi’s pride and joy, the R8. The R8 has been at the forefront of the Audi Line up for some years now and in our 2014 Audi R8 review we found the R8 only gets better, exceeding what many thought impossible: making a perfect car better. The 2014 flaunts some recent nip and tuck in both the 4.2 V8 and 5.2 V10 models, not to mention the unveiling of a new R8 V10 Plus, to replace the rare and numbered 2012 R8 V10 GT. We took a moment to reflect on and compare the 2014 versus the 2012 - as there was no official 2013 Model Year in production.

2014 proves to be a great year for the R8 in a variety of ways. The running lights that have always made Audis look like they are stalking prey in your rearview are enhanced, with both the front and rear lights going full  LED. The R8’s been losing some weight too, with aspects such as the door frames being shifted from aluminum to the much lighter Carbon fiber. And while performance has certainly been given some thought in this newest model, style has not suffered in the least. Some options previously exclusively procurable in other upscale Audis are now available in the new 2014 Audi R8. Diamond Stitching in the seats, both outer and inner color options, and stunning inlays are now available for the discerning car buyer.


Through an in-depth 2014 audi r8 review, it has become apparent that the most drastic change for the 2014 R8 is the transition from the R-Tronic single clutch to the S-Tronic dual-stage clutch, which now truly makes the R8 the “everyday supercar” that Audi has claimed it to be. This improvement means that the newest R8’s shifting makes day to day driving through stop lights and parking lots silky smooth. More importantly, it also means that when it’s time to open fire on your favorite stretch of highway, the high speed shifting is ready to get serious. Not only is the shift not going to pester you with rattle, thanks to Audi’s Magnetic Ride Shocks, you’re not going to leave your car needing a chiropractor like most supercars. An aspect that makes the worlds most logical supercar, well, that much more logical. This in no way means that the new R8 has been turned into a really fast Tempurpedic though. If you still have the need to feel the bends and bumps of the asphalt  you’re currently assaulting, all you need to do is shift the car into sport mode and you can get in tune with your F1 side.

While blowing the doors off of traffic is one of the finer points of driving an R8, at some point you’re unfortunately going to have to stop the car. And when it comes to braking, few materials outperform a set of ceramic brakes. In the past 2012 GT model, ceramic brakes were indeed available to increase stopping power, but this came with an added charge of $9900. However in the new 2014 Audi plus, these marvels come standard, giving some extra performance while saving the driver about ten thousand dollars. This is money that could be spent on a steak dinner, some new threads, or on some options to truly polish your new R8 to your liking. It is features such as this that is only revealed through a 2014 audi r8 review when compared to its predecessor.

While with the GT affords one a sense of exclusivity, in that only 333 were ever made, that sense also affords one a lack of customization options that could make your R8 truly your own. Though the 4 colors that the GT came in were both stunning and guaranteed to turn heads, the new 2014 lineup comes with a far wider variety of options catering to the driver. In a car that comes standard with splash, the ten (verify) colors available for the newest model can turn that sweet R8 pulling into that upscale restaurant into distinctly YOUR sweet R8 pulling into that upscale restaurant. And with new options like diamond stitching available in both Nappa Leather and Alcantara leather available on the seats and door panels, along with a greater range of elegant new inlays that define stylized comfort, the supercar experience needn’t stop on the outside.

Aside from the obvious upgrades present in another model year, hallmarks that the R8 is notorious for, like Audi Space Frame, Quattro All-Wheel Drive, and race-bred performance all remain. Wielding the R8 badge you know exactly what to expect: speed, versatility, performance, and presence, none of which you lose regardless of model year.

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